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Services charter

The Services Charter is a sort of "handbook" which shows the opening days and the services which Venetian Villas open to the public offer to tourists. In order to acquiesce in the Services Charter, the Venetian Villa has to be registered in the Catalogue of Venetian Villas, in the website of the Regional Institute of Venetian Villas (I.R.V.V.)

The registration is free. The owners who want to acquiesce in the Services Charter have to send the declaration in lieu of affidavit filled in and signed with a copy of identity card to "Direzione Turismo Cannaregio 168 - 30124 Venezia". The form is different depending on whether the Villa is a "place of culture" or it is an accommodation.



Regional plan for tourist development of the Villas - the services

Services Charter 2013

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