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From the Entity for the Venetian Villas
to the Regional Institute for the Venetian Villas

The decadence of the Villas, which began after the end of the Venetian Republic, took on dramatic proportions in the middle of this century, after the two world wars.

The generous great battle in defense of the Venetian Villas began exactly at the end of the Forties to the initiative of some worthy men of culture, institutions and local associations. A great show turned tirelessly for years all the major cities of Europe and America and was presented as a "complaint Show" in 1953 in Villa Contarini Simes in Piazzola sul Brenta.

The result was encouraging: the state, the public entities and the private quickly perceived the big historical and artistic significance of Venetian civilization, and began to worry about the protection and conservation of the Villas.

The needs were enormous: Venetian Villas are more than 4.000, most of them of considerable size, consisting of complexes such as: "barchesse", guest speakers, gardens, rustic and artistic devices of great importance.

The only private's forces weren't enough. Driven by public opinion sensitized at all levels, was born, with the Law of 6 March 1958 n. 243, the Entity for Venetian Villas, as consortium of Provincial Administrations for Tourism of the province of Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Treviso, Udine, Verona, Venice, Vicenza, to which the state delegated specific tasks of protection through the economic operation (loans and grants) but also of competence, such as expropriation and preservation, through the presence of some Supervisors on the board of the organization.

In 1979, the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions gave birth to the Regional Institute which, since then, is committed to the promotion of knowledge and for the best use of the Venetian Villa.