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The Regional Institute for Venetian Villas, set up by L.R. n. 63 of 08/24/1979, aims to provide, in competition with the owner or replacing it, to "consolidation, restoration, as well as the best utilization, including through studies and research, the Venetian Villas" subject to the provisions of the part Two of the Legislative Decree no. 22 January 2004 n. 42 and s.m.i ..

The law provides that the IRVV operates in compliance with regional planning objectives and with general guidelines established by the Regional Council of Veneto, in agreement with the Council of the Region of Friuli - Venezia Giulia (for the changes to be implemented in the territory of this' last).

The region, making use of the Regional Institute, has proposed not only to secure and support the conservation of cultural heritage constituted by the Venetian Villas but also to promote "public enjoyment and enhancement, in order to contribute to the development of culture, preserving the historical memory in Venetian society by encouraging cultural awareness and the ability to innovate and communicate. "

The aforementioned strategic goals are then pursued through four lines of action :

1. Institutional activities - granting of loans (loans and grants ) from its own resources and state , from two revolving funds : the first established in 1979 by the region , and funded by the recovery of amortization of loans referred to the former law 1958 and subsequent annual contributions , the second state , established in 1991 by Law no . 233 , and funded most recently in 2003 ( cfr . Art . 17 , LR 63/79 ) ;

2. management of regional villas (in implementation of specific agreements with the Region , the owner of the assets ) ( cfr . Art . 26 , L. R. 63/1979 ) ;

3. studies , research and publications (especially in terms of cataloging ) ( cfr . Art . 2 LR 63/79 ) ;

4. Promotional activities ( cultural events ) ( cfr . Articles . 2:17 , LR 63/79 ) .


And 'necessary to emphasize that the Institute is one of the local public administrations included in the consolidated income statement identified by ISTAT under Article 1, paragraph 3 of Law 31 December 2009, n. 196 (OJ August 2, 2010). It should also be noted that the Institute only apply from January 1, 2009 is subject to the regulations of the Internal Stability Pact, the Pact always fully respected. From 2010 onwards were also regularly applied all provisions on expenditure restraint, following the entry into force of Law no. 122/2010, which converted D. L. 78/2010, application regional standards (L.R. no. 47/2012, as applicable to cultural institutions), and of the most recent provisions on the containment of public spending. E 'should however point out that even in the year 2016, the expenses for conferences and exhibitions will not fall under the restrictions set out in paragraph 8 of art. 6 of the L. 122, since they relate to activities that this organization carries out to implement its institutional mission, for the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Venetian Villas From 2014 onwards, in the light of the new rules on expenditure restraint of the Regions established by art. 1 Sections 460 to 483 of Law 190 of 12.23.2014 - will also apply even al'IRVV the principles contained in Dec. Decree n. 118/2011, in particular the principle dell'equilibro general budget.

The progressive reduction in revenue resulting from the reduction of the amount of revolving funds, which are not refinanced by a decade , and the trend - a reduction - in interest rates , with consequent repercussions on liquidity management , also determine limiting effects on the total available resources . On the expenditure side , the program of activities for the year 2016 therefore suffer the consequent critical .


It will in any case pay particular attention to monitoring the effectiveness of the management, to performance testing related to the strategic objectives set out in this budget, even with processing designed to illustrate the social impact of the activities planned and actual savings in management costs. About the tools to use to measure the effects of the actions, it is believed to reconfirm the previous indicators, defined in agreement with the OIV during the plan for the 2015-2017 performance (number of events and open houses, the number of users, the number, the quantity and quality of interventions supported by financing, the time required for the provision of loans and grants, the number of houses affected by the opening to the public programs). Considering that in the coming months will end the mandate of the Administrative Board of Directors, it is expected to finalize the programs and activities in progress or already launched, to provide for the financing of strictly institutional activities, while leaving the next Board of Directors task of updating the program of activities for 2016, in light of the orientations that will be established by the Region.



Along this first line of action , the strategic objective will consist in the elaboration , approval and new calls management ( also making use of new computerized procedures , on-line ) , for the supply of finance , in accordance with the guiding principles of the law establishing and the code of cultural heritage . It must be activated as much as possible a more and more careful control of the effectiveness of the treatment both as regards the quality of recovery both as regards the quantitative and qualitative improvement of fruition . The resources available for funding in 2016 amounted to approximately € 1,641,310.00 divided as follows :




1270 - Artt. 1,2,3,4,5

disbursement of funds as a contribution ( L.R. 63/79 art . 17 , letter d ) Articles . 18-19


 €. 92.365,00

1275 - Artt. 1,2,3,4,5

disbursement of funds as a contribution ( L. 233/91 art . 3 , letter c )


€. 54.055,00

1285 – Artt. 1,2,3,4,5

Payment of benefits as a contribution of the interest due to maintenance , consolidation and restoration


€. 25.520,00

1310 – Artt. 1,2,3,4,5

Provision of mortgage loans ( L.R. 63/1979 art . 17 , letter c )

€. 700.000,00

1315 – Artt. 1,2,3,4,5

Provision of mortgage loans (Law 233/1991 Art. 3 , letter a)

€. 769.370,00





€. 1.641.310,00

Because of the spending limits resulting from the application of the principle of equilibrium , it is expected also a provision of the portion not bound amount alleged surplus of Directors amounted to € 5,784,000.00 , destinabile after the actual determination of the board of result , to finance the expenditure for its activities of the Institute .



It constitutes a strategic objective to implement functional and efficient enhancement of the operational headquarters in Mira and consequently ensure the correct and timely management and ordinary maintenance of Villa Venier , within the limits indicated by the specific agreement with the Veneto Region . In particular it must be guaranteed proper functionality and the safety of the plants , technological networks , for all technical and instrumental equipment of the office , even after updating the software in use . Will continue in parallel with the draft safety of the well, a specimen of the asset enhancement program , with promotion of specific cultural activities , in synergy with other public and private institutions . In agreement with the region it will , however, promoted a regional villas enhancement program that will be entrusted to dell'IRVV management .


It constitutes a strategic objective upgrading of the online catalog, with particular reference to the database of the owners and photographic documentation. In agreement with the region will be brought to completion the projects relating to school tourism, landscape, and enhancement of public houses in the respect of signed program agreements. It will be developed study-research conducted in agreement with the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Institute for Cultural Heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the aim of integrate the databases and make them more qualified and transparent. It will adequately promoted the communication activities, with constant updating of the new corporate website, which will be further integrated with the site.


As part of the development and promotion of knowledge activities, the strategic themes which will be given particular attention - as part of special moments of reflection and in the context of the now traditional festival of Venetian villas - this year will also cover the landscape the available culture, taxation, sustainability, transparency and quality in restoration, energy saving. It is hoped that the new Council provides also for 2016, the dissemination and promotion, based on the experience gained and consolidated over the years by the institute, in particular the initiatives open to schools and to the younger generation to support - even with special awards - studies, research, projects, programs, cultural initiatives and interventions nonprofit which have as their objective the promotion, knowledge and appreciation of the villas.