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The Regional Institute for Venetian Villas, established by L.R. n. 63 del 24.08.1979, aims to provide, in competition with the owner or replacing it, the "consolidation, restoration, as well as the best use, even by study and research, of the Venetian Villas" subject to the provisions of part two of the  D.Lgs. 22 gennaio 2004 n. 42 e s.m.i..

The law provides that the Institute operates in accordance with the objectives of regional planning and the general policies established by the Regional Council of Veneto, in agreement with the Council of the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (for the changes to be implemented in the territory of that last).

The region, using the Regional Institute, aims not only to ensure and support the preservation of cultural heritage of the Venetian Villas, but also to promote "public enjoyment and use, in order to contribute to the development of culture, preserving the historical memory of the Venetian society, and encouraging cultural awareness and the ability to innovate and communicate".

The above strategic objectives are pursued through four lines of action:

1.    institutional activities - granting of loans (loans and grants) with own and state resources (cfr. art. 17, LR 63/79 e Law n. 233/1991);
2.    management of regional villas (in the implementation of specific agreements with the Region, the owner of the assets) (cfr. art. 26, L. R. 63/1979) ;
3.    studies, research and publications (cfr. art. 2 LR 63/79);
4.    promotional activities (cultural events) (cfr. artt. 2 e  17, LR 63/79).